Neighbourhood Plan - Progress
??/09/2018 Informal meeting held between the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and the Parish Council to review the Community Actions, to prioritise and assign ownership to some of these actions. Where necessary small working groups will be setup to progress these Community Actions. Some of these actions have been considered "Business as Usual" for the Parish Council and will be progressed through normal Parish Council meetings.
17/07/2018 At the full Council Meeting on 17th July 2018 St Edmundsbury Borough Council decided to "make" (adopt) the Hargrave Neighbourhood Plan following the positive referendum vote.  See Decision Statement.
13/07/2018 The referendum result has been received today. The result is that the Villagers of Hargrave have voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan. Thanks go to everyone who voted on the day or via a postal vote. Here is the "DECLARATION OF RESULT OF POLL".

A decision on whether to "make" (adopt) the plan as part of the St Edmundsbury Borough Council development plan will be taken at the Council Meeting on 17th July 2018. 
12/07/2018 "Referendum Day" The polling station will be the Village Hall as normal. It will be open for voting from 7AM to 10PM.
31/05/2018 Heard today from St Edmundsbury that the date for the referendum has had to be put back a week in order to meet procedural requirements and will now take place on 12th July 2018.
30/05/2018 Confirmation received today from Amy Wright, Senior Planning Policy Officer, of the Council's decision that the Hargrave Neighbourhood Plan is ready for referendum. The referendum is scheduled for 5th July 2018 and will take place in our local polling station, the Village Hall.
08/05/2018 Confirmation received via St Edmundsbury that the independant examiners final report has been received and that the plan meets all the legal requirements subject to some minor alterations ad can proceed to Referendum. Places4People have carried out the required amendments and have issued the Referendum Version NP May 2018 which can be viewed on the link to the left. The Referendum will hopefully be scheduled for July or maybe September if not processed in time for July. For more information don't forget to come along to the Annual Parish Meeting which will be held in the Village Hall starting at 7:30pm on Thursday 24th May 2018.   
10/04/2018 Confirmation today that our independant assessor has started the examination of the hargrave Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Working group have until 27/04/2018 to make any comments on the feedback received during the recent Regulation 16 consultation stage. The independant examiner is Ann Skippers MRTPI from Skippers Planning. 
20/03/2018 The consultaion period at St Edmundsbury closed at 5pm today. The plan and all comments made will now be sent to an independant assessor who will make a decision as to whether the plan can move forward to referendum.
06/02/2018 From 9am on 06/02/2018 until 5pm on 20/03/2018 the 'Hargrave Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version' can be viewed and commented on. Please visit: to find out how you can express your views. You can also reach this site by clicking the link on the bottom left menu.
16/01/2018 Confirmation has been given by West Suffolk Planning Office that the submission copy of the Hargrave Neighbourhood Plan Dec 17 has been received, checked and will be processed under Regulation 15 Plan Submissions with effect from today, 16th January 2018.
09/01/2018 Places4People have submitted the amended Plan to the Borough Council under regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) This has been done as requested by Hargrave Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group. You can see the Neighbourhood Plan December 2017 FINAL version by clicking the link to the left. You can also view all the supporting documents and statements on the links below that.
16/11/2017 A meeting of the working group, along with Places4People, was held to evaluate the consultation returns. The feedback was generally positive with some constructive criticism. Places4People have taken away the consultation results and will make amendments to the draft plan as necessary.
12/11/2017 The extended Consultation period ended at midnight on 12/11/17 having closed a day early due to a problem with the site. At the close of play on Sunday 12th November a total of 29 responses have been received.
05/11/2017 To allow people who missed out on the chance to express their views on 31st October the website was opened up again from 5th to 12th November 17. This allowed those people who tried to submit their views on 31/10/17 another opportunity to do so. A further 2 submissions were received.
31/10/2017 The Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission Consultation period should end at midnight. However the site closed down at midnight on the 30th October due to a problem with the website and prevented anyone making a submission on 31/10/17
14/09/2017 Today marks the start of the Pre-Submission Consultation period and The Draft Plan (Sep 17) is available on this site to be viewed. The on-line consultation feedback form is also live so feedback can be submitted until 31st October. An open meeting was held in the village hall between 4pm and 8pm to allow people to view the Draft Plan and discuss the contents with members of the Neighbourhood Plan team. About 40 people in total attended (35 members of the public & 5 members of the working group) to get first hand information from the plan and to ask questions. In addition to the draft plan, it is also possible to download copies of the support documentation like the Village Character Assessment & the Village Important Views. You can also download a pdf version of the consultation form which you can fill in and return, although we would prefer you to fill the form in online as it makes it easier for us to collate.
01/09/2017 Invitations have been delivered today by hand to every house in the village informing everyone of the start of the Pre-Submission Consultation period on 14/09/17 - There will be an open forum held in the Village Hall on Thursday 14th September between 4pm and 8pm. You are invited to call in to view the draft plan and discuss the content with members of the Neighbourhood Plan team. From this date the draft plan will also be available to view on-line and a "Consultation" form will also be available for you to express your views and add any comments. The consultation form will be available on-line from 14th September until 31st October 2017 when the consultation period ends.   
10/08/2017 The working group met in the village hall to go through the 3rd draft of the Neighbourhood Plan (Dated 4th August) which we had received in advance of the meeting. This draft included a number of amendments that were suggested by St Edmundsberry at the Pre-Submission meeting which had now taken place. Also a number of points were discussed and some further amendments made to give greater clarity to some sections of the Plan. This is in advance of the 6 week consultation period which we expect will start in early September. The format of the consultation was also discussed and agreed that the bulk of this will be done via the village website where a copy of the draft plan will be available to read. There will then be an on-line survey for people to fill in with definitive answers and space for comments on all sections of the plan. We also agreed that a letter would be delivered to every house in the NP area explaining what is required from the Consultation and how people can have an input by giving feedback. Alternative ways to submit feedback will be made available for those who do not use the internet, but would not run to printing hard copies for all due to the printing costs. A small number of hard copies may be made available at key locations within the village for people to read or borrow to read.    
24/07/2017 The working group received the 2nd draft of the Neighbourhood Plan (Dated 13th July) and were asked to send any comments or amendments to Ian Poole of Places4People so that these could be considered before the Pre-Submission to St Edmundsbury. This draft has been forwarded to St Edmundsbury in advance and a request for a Pre-Submission meeting made. 
03/07/2017 The working group met in the village hall to go through the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan which had been produced by Places4People. Each section was considered individually and any lack of information or detail was either addressed or actions assigned to ensure that all shortfalls are covered before pulling together the second draft. It was agreed that the Parish Council would sign up to the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) via Ordnance Servey so that we can produce accurate maps of the village, without copywrite issues, to show the areas of the village that are covered by sections of the plan. 
03/06/2017 For the benefit of those people who were not at the Annual Parish Meeting a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan Handout that was given to everyone at the meeting is now available to view here on the website. Please read through this document and then give us your views by clicking on Neighbourhood Plan Feedback to the left.
01/06/2017 The Working Group met in the Village Hall to agree tasks for the final collection of data and to assign responsibilities for drafting the various parts of the plan. The ability for people to leave feedback on the website is now available along with a dedicated email address and the Village Facebook group.
25/05/2017 This was the date of the Annual Parish Meeting which was attended by about 40 people from the village. A comprehensive presentation was give by members of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group explaining that we are about to start writing the draft plan. A consulation period starts now and will be open until Saturday 10th June 2017 and during this period the working group are looking for feedback on all aspects of the plan. This can be done on this website or by emailing your views to: or pass your views onto any Parish Councillor or Working Group member.
27/04/2017 Meeting of the Working Group to assign tasks to individuals to ensure that all of the Working Groups tasks are covered and completed within the timescales. The Working Group are pleased to confirm that Richard Josefowski has agreed to help the group by providing much of the photographic evidence required. Our main objective now is to prepare a presentation to be given at the Annual Parish Meeting which will be held on 25th May 2017, everyone welcome, starts 7:30pm in the Village Hall.
04/04/2017 Further meeting of the Working Group with Places4People to further discuss the structure of the plan and what actions need to be taken to be able to construct a draft plan which can be adjusted as we gather data to reinforce the Planning Policies and Community Actions that will make up the final plan. We now have defined actions that will be taken by either the Working Group or Places4People to pull the evidence together to substantiate the final plan.
02/03/2017 Follow up workshop held to discuss the report from Places4People and agree the way forward. It was agreed to move forward with guidance from Places4People and a provisional time-line was agreed that would potentially bring the plan to conclusion by May 2018 - This is a target date and may be extended if needed. The Plan must be approved by the Village and voted for in a referendum before it is submitted. Places4People will write the draft plan and we will gather and fill in the required data to provide the evidence to support our Policies and Actions. A presentation is to be prepared ready for the Annual Parish Meeting which will be held on 25th May 2017 where the Villagers will be asked for comments and agree the way forward.
05/12/2016 Workshop held with Ian Poole (Places4People) where we agreed progress to date and what had been achieved so far. Places4People are being employed as a consultants to guide us through the Neighbourhood Plan process and following this meeting would produce a report by mid January outlining where we are and where we need to be to achieve success. Following receipt of this report we expect to have a follow up meeting and will decide if we wish Places4People to further assist with propducing our Neighbourhood Plan. The main lessons learnt from this workshop was that our objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan will need to be converted into Community Actions or Planning Policies. Planning Policies would need to be established and finalised before the Plan can be agreed and become a legal reference document. Community Actions would be less formal and would still form part of the Plan, but would be used to set a direction for parts of the plan which would be ongoing. These Actions would need to be formalised within the Plan and would be used to influence planning decisions in the future for issues that are ongoing. e.g. Speeding Vehicles. The Parish Council and Local Government will then be obliged to work within these Community Actions in it's day-to-day village management.
22/01/2016 Ad-hoc meeting: The group agreed to the Borough Council's Neighbourhood Plan Service Level Agreement.
18/11/2015 Portfolio Holder for Planning and Growth formerly designated the Hargrave Neighbourhood Area.
Aug - Nov 2015 Various workshops held.
30/07/2015 Working Group meeting held. See Meeting Reports.
26/03/2015 Working Group meeting held. See Meeting Reports.
12/03/2015 Working Group meeting held. See Meeting Reports.
08/01/2015 Working Group meeting held. See Meeting Reports.
04/12/2014 Working Group meeting held. See Meeting Reports.
30/10/2014 Working Group meeting held. See Meeting Reports.
13/08/2014 Working Group meeting held. See Meeting Reports.
30/07/2014 Inaugural meeting of Working Group.
03/07/2014 Working Group formed and named.
15/05/2014 Proposal put to Annual Parish Meeting and agreement reached to set up a small group to evaluate the merits and feasibility of a Neighbourhood Plan.
06/03/2014 PC Meeting proposed going for a Neighbourhood Plan. Agreed to promote this at the Annual Parish Meeting for approval by the village.
09/05/2013 Village Review meeting held as part of the Annual Parish Meeting.
18/04/2013 Data from Village Review collated and report produced.
16/03/2013 Deadline for the return of questionaires.
02/03/2013 Village Review Questionaires distributed to every house in the village.