Hargrave History

In 1999 a group of people from Hargrave met to bring together thoughts and reflections on life in Hargrave as we approached the Millennium. At the same time a village appraisal was conducted and the findings presented to the village in 2000. The information on this part of our web site is the product of that working group and although it is a very personal view of life in Hargrave as we move away from the 20th Century and into the 21st Century, it is a valuable snapshot and hopefully will be of interest.

The people who contributed to this are:-

Ralph Baldwin, Janet Baldwin, Jean Bushell, Sue Roberts, Harry Wiseman, Deirdre Wiseman, Helen Mapperley, David Mapperley, David Pettitt, Margaret Slade, Dr Flemming, Andrew Woodroffe, Dave Taylor, Peter Roberts, David Upton, Mr & Mrs Morley and Mrs Ada Pettitt.

The Parish Council have fully supported this initaitive and it is their wish that the information be widely shared across the Parish.

Hargrave Parish Council Chairman.
Dave Taylor - May 2004