Hargrave Parochial Charity

Hargrave Parochial Charity is an amalgamation of the following Charities
Charity of William Deynes
William Deynes, Date of Birth 1784 - operates in Suffolk for people with disabilities plus elderly or old people and general benefit of the poor. This Charity also had connections to the Cowlinge Charity of William Deynes which is still operating.
Charity of Lady Elizabeth Kitson
Born Elizabeth Cornwallis (1547 - 1628) in Broome in Suffolk becoming the wife of Sir Thomas Kitson and spending her married life at Hengrave Hall. Her daughters were Mary Darcy and Margaret Cornwallis.

Helped the poor. From 1625 she gave £30 per year for houses for the poor. From 1626 she gave £4 per year for new clothes for 12 poor people.
Charity of Sir Robert Jervis
Seems to be related to Sir John Jervis who became 1st Lord of the Admiralty and who Horatio Nelson served under as a young Lieutenant. The root of the name Jervis is Gervais.
Charity of Kirks Gift
To the poor of the Parish belonged two tenaments on Hargrave Green and a rent charge of three shillings and four pence called Kirks Gift payable out of lands in Hargrave belonging to John Heathcote Esq.
Trustees of the Hargrave Parochial Charity
The charity is currently administered by three trustees.
David (Dick) Willcox.
David Mapperley.
Keith Hammond.
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