Hargrave Heritage Project

A New Project to Access Hargraves Heritage
Some of you will be aware of the severe structural problem at the church, whereby the wall behind the altar has moved up to 2.5 inches away from the rest of the church over the past 3 years. Underpinning is required at a cost of about £40,000 and the PCC is engaged in a major fundraising campaign to get the work done asap to avoid the risk of collapse.
One of the grant bodies the PCC has approached, the Heritage Lottery Fund, encourages the inclusion of heritage outcomes for people and community alongside remedial building works, and thereby presents an opportunity to secure funding to establish a heritage project to capture, record and publish the village’s history in ways that will provide easy access and search facilities through:- Scanning all current material and adding to the village website as a new heritage section.
- Enlarging the history exhibition within the church to a Heritage Centre describing the villages evolution over the centuries with new exhibitions on fresh topics each year.
- A more pro-active approach to capturing and recording villagers’ recollections, photos and historic artefacts to build our collection.
- Perhaps establishing a “Hargrave History Society” to organise talks and arrange visits to local heritage sites.

The objective of this project will not only be to inform villagers but also to involve as many as possible in researching and building our knowledge of the past. A heritage group is being set up to manage the project and anyone interested in joining should contact Peter Reddick (850593 or preddick68@icloud.com).
If you have ideas or suggestions to refine the project’s objectives, please pass to Peter.
The Parish Council and Parochial Church Council will be working in partnership to achieve this significant new initiative.
Peter Reddick
Parochial Church Council