"The Greens" Water Network Improvement Scheme
AW Anglian Water will be investing £850k to install approximately 5.3km of new water pipeline in the Hargrave area.

“We know that there has been a high burst rate on the existing main causing low pressures and interruptions to supply. This will mean a more consistent water supply to you and your neighbours.

This work is expected to take place from October 2019 for approximately 28 Weeks

To keep updated throughout the project, you can easily view our progress through the following post.
To find the ‘In Your Area’ page please use the following steps –


• In the search bar in the top right hand corner enter your village – “Hargrave/Ousden”

• The map will now be showing your selected area and surrounding areas

• Click on “Key” in the top right hand corner and tick the “Maintenance and improvements” layer and your village will be shown with a pink outline

• Click on this area and information relating to the scheme will be displayed.

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  Road Closures.
Below are the proposed road closure dates as supplied by Anglian Water. Click on the link for diversions.

  To allow us to carry out our work safely, the following rolling road closures will be in place:

Wickhambrook Road-Road Closure.  21 October 2019 – 10 January 2020

Baxters Green-Road Closure.          2 December 2019 – 7 January 2020

Chapel Road-Road Closure.           3 February 2020 – 28 February 2020

• Junction of Bury Rd &
Ousden Rd-Road Closure.                 24 February 2020 – 3 April 2020

Over the Christmas period we will temporarily suspend work and reopen the road.

• Privately owned Road in Great Knowles Green-Road Closure. Dates 14th – 21st October 2019
Total road closures are necessary due to the width of the road and the size of the machinery being used. This is not only to ensure the safety of the workforce but also to ensure the safety of the general public.
Please Note:

Represetatives from Anglia Water and Balfour Beatty were at our Parish Council Meeting on 5th September 2019 and explained what is planned and answered our questions and concerns. While every effort will be made to minimise the disruption to individual residents, some inconvenience will occur. We were advised that when the sign says "Road Closed" it will be totally closed to all vehicular traffic. It may be passable on foot or by bicycle but please check with the staff working on site before you try to pass.

As this will be a rolling road closure it is hoped that when you come up to a "Road Closed" sign there will also be a sign outlining where the closure is so you can work out whether to proceed to your house or take the diversion if your house is the other side of the closure. The sections being closed off will be approximately 200m in length. It is intended that access to all properties will be maintained throughout, although there may be short periods when your access may be restricted. Please talk to the workmen on site and they will tell you what is happening.
There will be some periods when your water supply will be disconnected temporarily but for a maximum of 3 hours and you will be given notice of when this will happen.

Anglian Water have a Customer Service Co-ordinator who can be contacted if you have any concerns. Her name is Amber Richardson and she can be contacted during normal working hours on 07966 281345 or you can contact the 24hr Customer Contact Centre on 03457 145145 but please quote SAP reference number: 6478168714 (WAT-06930)